RTD Re-Brand Proposal

RTD corporate identity-01Denver’s own RTD system was in need of a new design for their brand. This included everything from their logo to their color palette, typography, and visual assets. My partner and I were inspired by the idea of travel and how the RTD can allow people to experience adventure and new experience. The main points were traveling to discover while being as eco-friendly as possible.
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Araya&Shannon_rtdbrandingThe final assets included website comps such as this one. Based on user habits, many people had trouble with navigating through the current website. This design begins with a simple prompt according to what type of travel will be taking place. From there the user can look through the schedules, maps and other features specific to the new mode of travel.


The mobile app was also largely based on iconography while utilizing the same bright color palette. The interface and functions were based on initial user needs when they need to get from A to B.


Using the software SketchUp, mockups of the train and bus stations and the vehicles themselves were created. Taking inspiration from our brand identity guide (which can be viewed here), the overall aesthetic kept a retro, yet fun and unexpected feeling.Araya&Shannon_rtdbranding2

One of the primary areas of concern involved new users to the RTD. Within the trains, there isn’t a clear distinction as to what train is which. By using a screen that shows the passengers what train they are on and where it will be going, it ensures that they will not waste time by staying on the wrong train.

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