Conscious Chris Branding

cc_logo_colorConscious Chris is the name of a branded blog that I worked on. I created the assets ranging from the logo to the printed materials and a video intro. The client wanted a modern, geometric logo that stood out. Keeping the video bumper in mind, I created a mandala from scratch, layering different pieces on top of the text to give it a more 3D effect.cc_logo_grey

A less-colorful logo was also created as an alternative to a grayscale logo. This gave the client an option for photos and other items that would need a watermark or less-noticeable logo.CC_BusinessCards-02 CC_BusinessCards-01The client requested to have business cards that were eye-catching, so I went with the slightly-cropped logo on one side and an emblem logo on the other. The business card included the website and the social profiles, since these were the most important areas of the brand.

CC_Emblem_Logo CC_Emblem_Logo2 CC_Emblem_Logo3 CC_Emblem_Logo4These emblem logos were made to be used at the client’s discretion. Some ideas that I intended for these to be used on were stickers and printed or digital items that required a logo that takes up less space.

Conscious Chris Video Bumper from Shannon Hickman on Vimeo.

The video intros were created for Conscious Chris’s YouTube channel.

Conscious Chris Video Bumper V2 from Shannon Hickman on Vimeo.

I created an alternate intro to be used for videos that required a lighter look and feel.